2015-08 Martin McWilliam; Timeless illusions in perspective

Martin McWilliam Timeless illusions in perspective After the summer from 29th August to 3 October the in Germany based Martin McWilliam exhibits in Terra Delft Gallery.He showes a selection of his new work influenced by his stay at Jingdezhen (CN) in 2014. The archaeological character of his work became even stronger. It looks ancient by […]

2015-10 Mieke de Groot: Structures in tints of blue

Mieke de Groot: “Structures in tints of blue” Following the solo exhibition of three years ago and her participation in the group exhibit ‘Terra in China-China in Terra’, the most recent objects by Mieke will be shown in Terra Delft Gallery from October 10 – November 14. Her abstract, mathematically-constructed objects emerge, as always, from […]

2015-12 From Wenna’s Imagination

From December 19 through January 23, Galerie Terra will display work by the young talented Beijing artist Wenna, who completed her studies there in graphic arts. Recently she became familiar with clay and transformed her drawings into sculpture for the first time. From mid-October until the opening of the exhibition on December 19 she is working as an artist-in-residence in Delft. The exhibition in Terra includes ceramic sculptures and paintings.

2015-11 Takeshi Yasuda: The dynamic side of porcelain

From November 18 through December 17, 2015 we are proud to present the magnificent work of the internationally-famous Japanese ceramic artist Takeshi Yasuda. Born in Tokyo Yasuda settled in Britain in 1973, he has taught at various art academies and universities across the United Kingdom and was Professor of Applied Arts at the University of Ulster, In addition to working on his own ceramic pieces. From 2005 until 2010 Yasuda serves as Director of the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, after which he established his own studio in the Jingdezhen Sculpture Factory.

2015-06 Beatrijs van Rheeden: slicing at millimeter scale

From May 30 through June 27 Beatrijs van Rheeden will exhibit her porcelain objects at Terra Delft Gallery. See Beatrijs at work: Her work is rooted in a Dutch tradition of abstract forms, with pure lines and simplicity in essence. It comes into being intuitively. Her fascination with structures and their internal irregularities is expressed […]

2015-05 Terra’s Figuratives 2015

Figurative sculptures as universal language From April 25 – May 23, four artists will display their figurative ceramic work in Terra Delft Gallery. This exhibition is a sequel to previous presentations of figurative ceramics in the gallery in which the international aspect plays an increasingly prominent role. In Mariëtte van der Ven’s work the human […]

2015-04 Melting Galleries: Sanbao (CN) & Terra Delft (NL)

Melting Galleries Contemporary ceramic art exhibition Spring 2015 This exhibition will be another engrossing experience for the public. Twentytwo artists are represented of which eighteen are from Europe. Melting Galleries gives a high standard overview of artists who are both convinced in their own special way of creating and also are open-minded to explore new […]