2014-06 Corregan and Suffren; Air and Balance: making the unseen visible

From May 24 – June 28, Terra Delft Gallery will feature intriguing work by the artist couple from the south of France, Daphné Corregan and Gilles Suffren. They have worked together for many years, not only conversing about each other’s work but also debating about each other’s results. Now they consider the time ripe for […]

2013-12 Shenzhen International Art Fair 2013

Jackson Li and international artists A presentation by Sanbao International Ceramic Gallery together with Terra Delft Gallery on Shenzhen International Art Fair 2013 in China. At this art fair Terra shows work of several artists of the gallery. After the presenttion on the Beijing Design Week and the participation on the Shanghai Art Fair, the […]

East meets West by Design 2013

During a six week stay in the ceramic studio of Opal Furniture, two Dutch designers of the Terra Delft Gallery will work with the Chinese elements; porcelain and glazes. After a first impression at the Milano Design Week in Italy, were their tea sets were displayed in the Chinese stand, Opal Furniture and the Terra […]