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Gen Hoshino

Het celadon werk van Japanse potter Hoshino Gen boeit op verschillende manieren. Elk stuk is een meesterlijke evenwicht van beweging en stilte, leegte en aanwezigheid, en het resultaat is zowel sterk als meditatief. “What I express in my work is a beauty consisting of natural pattern, for example, flow of river, sea wave, sand hill-crest, wind ripple and so on. I draw inspiration from them. And my works are produced with such a beauty sense.

I produce such pattern with slip that is one of condition of the clay. At first, I put the slip in the mold. After a few hours, it becomes a skin inside of mold, then I scoop out extra slip. At that time I draw by a paddle imaging natural pattern on the muddy surface. I try my slip action intersect with my sense of beauty. And I wish the audience can feel the energy and movement of slip clay accompanied by this process.”

Objects by Gen Hoshino