TWISTER-BLAUW-b 45 x h 25 x d 17 cm.
TWISTER 150x150TWISTER-detail-280x170Twister geel b 45 x h 25 x d 17 cm.TWISTER-grijs-b 45 x h 25 x d 17 cm.TWISTER-groen-b 45 x h 25 x d 17 cm.TWISTER-ROOD-b 45 x h 25 x d 17 cm.TWISTER-zwart-b 45 x h 25 x d 17 cm.


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Product Description

This playful item can lead to countless compositions. Depending on space and taste you can decide how many sets you want to buy and make a beautiful composition on your wall. The inside of the biggest ( open) ball has the same color as the small colored ball.

Twister will give you delight and happiness and a beautiful sight on your wall.
You will receive an instruction how to hang the set and also hooks will be included.

Size of a set of 6 balls
b 45 x h 25 x d 17 cm

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